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Secure your parent's financial health in minutes

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Mom is in the hospital

3 money things to do now

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Dad diagnosed with Alzheimer's

Average cost $300,000!

5 financial planning steps to save your family's money

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Start talking about money

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Golden is Financial Care for Your Parents

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Golden includes financial, legal, healthcare, government benefits,

fraud protection, financial coaching, alerts and more.

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Safe & Secure

View-Only Financial Data
  • View-only - no access to move Mom's money without a Financial Power of Attorney in place.

  • Access all features except Bill Pay.

Bank-Level Security
  • Two-factor authentication

  • 256-AES encryption

  • End-to-end encryption

  • FFIEC compliant

Financial Power of Attorney
  • Notarized Financial Power of Attorney required for Bill Pay and any money movement.

  • Must be filed with Golden

What families are saying

“I was stubborn and didn’t want to talk about finances. When I went into the hospital, I needed help. My daughter got all my accounts organized and paid the bills. Even better, she created a budget and found savings of $7,000 a year – she’s a lifesaver!”

​Penelope S., San Francisco

"Assuring my Mom’s financial security is critical. I live 3,000 miles away and Golden's Financial Assistant alerts me when I need to step in. My Mom trusts me with financial matters now, I’m her money hero!”

Katherine (daughter), Washington DC

“I was forgetting to pay bills and almost lost my home. At Christmas, my daughter wisely stepped in. She took care of the bills, renegotiated my mortgage and signed me up for VA benefits. What a blessing.”  

William O., Wisconsin

“Dad’s been diagnosed with early Alzheimer’s. It’s hard. We were facing a $350,000 care bill. Talking to Golden’s financial coaches really helped. We found thousands of dollars of government homecare benefits for Dad. We have a financial plan now - I take care of the money and Dad takes care of his life. Bankruptcy averted, sanity saved - 5-stars Golden.”

Alice (daughter), New York

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